Benzema is ready to play in the World Cup finals

The reigning winner of the Ballon d’Or and the winner of the Champions League was originally in the application of the French national team for the World Cup. Due to various muscle injuries, the Real Madrid forward missed a significant part of the fall, but was expected to be fit by the start of the tournament in Qatar.

However, the day before the opening match of the championship Karim received his fifth injury of the season – because of an injury to Benzema’s thigh had to miss three weeks. The French national team announced that the striker was forced to refuse to participate in the tournament.

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A few days later, the newspaper L’Equipe wrote that allegedly after Benzema’s departure, the atmosphere in the team became better, and some of the players “experienced relief.” France midfielder Aurélien Tchouameni refuted this speculation.

The striker left Qatar and first went to the island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean, where he spent several days resting and recuperating. And in early December he flew to Madrid. Benzema began individual training sessions at the Real Madrid base on December 10 – by that date the three weeks that the Frenchman was supposed to miss were almost over.

No source has yet reported that Karim has fully recovered from the injury, but the three weeks since the injury have now passed. On Wednesday, the publication Mundo Deportivo gave out an insider: Real Madrid allowed the forward to return to the French national team.

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The most intriguing question. On the one hand, Benzema is officially the best footballer in the world that any team dreams of seeing. On the other hand, there is incontrovertible statistics: under Didier Deschamps the French national team reached the finals of major tournaments three times, when Benzema was not in the lineup. And when Karim played (at the 2014 World Cup and Euro 2020), the Three Colors were out early.

Even without taking statistics into account, things are not so clear-cut. It is unlikely that the rumors about the negative impact of the Real Madrid forward on the atmosphere in the national team came from nothing. But we can leave them out of the equation. France have a great forward line: Mbappe scored five goals, Giroud four, Griezmann gave three assists. How can anyone of them be deprived of a final in such a situation? Obviously, even if Benzema returns to Qatar, he can only take the field during the game against Argentina.

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