Message Writing Format, Examples, Worksheet

In this article, you will learn pretty much everything you need to know about message writing for exams. In the end, there are some samples of examples and worksheets for class 6, 7, 8 cbse.

What is Message

A message is a communication of information from one person to another. This can be delivered to an individual or groups. In today’s age, messages can be delivered through electronic medias, news, magazines, etc.

Messages written for exams, organizations, and top authorities must be done in a formal way by caring about the rules.

How to Write a Message

If you’re writing a message, you must follow the guidelines and formats. Below are some of the instruction for it.

  1. Use salutation for a message
  2. Write ‘to‘ and ‘from‘ clearly
  3. Write a date and time in the beginning
  4. For exams, it must be written in the words and paragraphs limits.
  5. Write closing remarks, and signature
  6. Don’t forget to separate the sections with space
message writing format

Marks Distribution

marks distribution for message

Samples / Examples

The below examples are valid for all CBSE classes. You may use it for your exams.

message example 1
message example 2

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