Analytical Paragraph Writing Format & Examples

In analytical paragraph writing, we present the descriptive information based on numbers, figures, graphs, tables, outlines, etc. It’s important to state the information accurately according to provided data sources.

It should be contained in 100-120 words and must be written according to academic writing format. You should be able to convey all the information in an attractive writing tone, without stretching it too long on

Importance of Analytical Paragraphs

Analytical paragraph writing is used in colleges and schools to demonstrate the critical thinking abilities of students. It is an educational approach in which you communicate your thought through the analytical paragraph. It is of immense importance because it trains the brain of students to think critically which would be very beneficial for them in the future.

Format of an analytical paragraph

1. Introduction

The introduction should be a maximum of 2-3 lines, in which one should try to narrate the intro of the chart and give the readers a basic context of what it is about. Avoid getting too much into its details and keep it simple, concise, and short. After reading the introduction, you must have a fundamental idea about the topic.

2. Body of paragraph

In this part, you have to mention all the important aspects of the chart or figure in detail. Gather all the required information and write it descriptively. Try to cover all the details and give the reader a complete picture. It can be further divided into further main parts.

    • Write the main points that are more evident in the current figure or a chart. Mention all the notable important points that you think are worth mentioning in it. So mention the smallest and largest quantities first. Then discuss the differences and also mention if you observe any similarities between quantities.
    • If it comparative graph between two opposite quantities then compares and elaborates on the difference between them. If it is about the past period, then try to present the information orderly according to the years and give readers a piece of descriptive information.
    • In writing an analytical paragraph, it is essential to keep the accuracy of given numbers in the paragraph. You cannot change the data at any cost so try to mention it accurately in percentages, or fractions.
  • If there is a different type of information then to create coherence in your paragraph use a connector or linking phrases. This will help in conveying a meaningful message to your readers.
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3. Conclusion

At the end conclude the main findings and important information of the paragraph. Do not add the external information and stick to the important highlights. It is aimed written to provide a reader with the whole idea of our paragraph, even if he has not read the rest of the paragraph. That is why the format must be written elegantly, and concisely.

One should also try to avoid indulging personal points of view because it will create confusion in the readers’ minds. The key point is that you do not need to narrate all the information; rather, wisely choose the important information and summarize it.

Important tips to score well in exams

  • Use formal or academic language while writing for an exam
  • Avoid making grammatical and sentence mistakes (always proofread it)
  • Do not change the facts and numerical data
  • Write in an engaging way
  • Keep it short and simple.
  • Write according to provided information in the exams
  • Try to limit yourself to the mentioned word count.
  • It is better to use a more passive voice than an active one.
  • Narrate the facts provided by charts and figures only.
  • There is no need to include any sort of personal opinion.
  • Avoid using any external source.
  • It should be short, simple, and composed.


A brief survey was conducted on the population of Rhinoceros Unicorns between years 1910 to 2005. Interpret the line graph in 150-200 words.

Analytical Paragraph writing example

This survey is conducted to check the numbers of Rhinoceros from 1910 to 2005. This graph shows a very less number of rhinoceros in 1910, and after that, we have seen a spike in their numbers.

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Their number from 250 is now increased to 740 in the year 1959. Then we observe a sudden decline in their number as they decreased to 600 in 1964. In the next 13–14 years, their number remained in the same range. In 1983, we saw a small spike in the numbers but did not cross 750. After that, there is a constant spike in the graph line, and their number increases considerably. From 1987 to almost 1990, their number remained constant at an almost constant range of 16-1700. In 2000, we had a total of 1750 rhinos. The graph remained straight for the next 4 years, and then again increased to over 2000 in 2008. The number remained almost the same until 2011. In 2012, it surpasses the 2500 number but again remains the same for the next couple of years.

This graph shows the number of rhinoceros for almost 100 years. We have seen a moderate increase and a slight fluctuation in numbers throughout the century.

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