Informal Letter Format CBSE

What is an Informal letter?

An informal letter format is written to convey personal information to your friends, family members, and relatives. It is strictly written for personal or unofficial purposes. The tone of the letter is generally casual, friendly, and sometimes emotional. You can write it to anyone to share your feelings or learn about their well-being, except for professional purposes.

It is a personal form of writing used to communicate information and feelings between close individuals like siblings, colleagues, and parents. You can adopt a humorous, emotional, or casual tone of writing.

An informal letter has a general format that people follow while writing. These formatting instructions are different from those of formal or official letters.

Example Letters

  • Inviting a friend for summer vacations
  • Congratulating a newlywed friend for his marriage.
  • Informing your friends or family about someone’s death
  • Occasional writing to your friends to know their health
  • Congratulating your friend on his new job
  • Inviting for birthday
  • Letting your friend know about your success

These are just a few examples, but there could be any number of personal reasons for an informal letter.


Informal letter format CBSE

The letter does not have any specified writing rules or principles like formal or business letters. Its structure consists of general and simple formatting rules. By following these, you will be able to write an attractive and engaging informal letter.

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These general formatting rules are:

1. Writer’s address

An informal letter starts with the sender’s address. It is the writer at the top–left corner of the page. The address should be completely accurate and visible.

It does not matter if the receiver is a family member or close relative, you should always write it. The address helps the receiver to write a reply without any trouble.

2. Date

Just below the address, there is space for a date. It’s also important and should be written. By knowing the date, the reader will get a better idea of the sender’s information.

It should be written in the correct format (10th April 2021).

3. Salutation

It’s a way of greeting, like “dear sister/brother/mom/dad/friend.” A salutation is written just before the main body of the letter. If you are writing to your friend or age fellow, you can just mention his name, like “Dear Hammad“. An informal letter should always start with a greeting. It shows affection and respect for the receiver.

4. Main body

It is the main content of the body. It can be anything like your well-being information, cheerful news, a marriage invitation, etc. Keep the language and tone of the letter casual throughout the letter. Try to be natural, according to personality. You can afford to be humorous if you are writing to a friend or sibling. But always show respect and stay within the limits while writing to your parents or any other elderly person.

5. Conclusion

In the end, summarize your letter by informing the reader about your reason for writing. Try to narrate the main points precisely and do not stretch the letter unnecessarily. Ask the writer for a reply and let him know that you’re interested in continuing the conservation. End it with a meaningful and cordial goodbye.

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6. Closing words

End your letter with nice words like “Yours lovingly and sincerely.” It shows your respect and love for that person. You can also write “best wishes/regards/lots of love” at the end.

7. Name / Signature

Followed by complimentary remarks, there is space for the names and signatures of the writers.

Key points to remember while writing an informal letter format

  • Read the letter twice to check for any grammatical or spelling mistakes.
  • A letter should be written according to the proper format.
  • Readers should get a clear idea of your point of view.
  • Summarize the letter effectively.

Example 1

You have recently moved to a new house. Write a letter to your friend to tell him about this news.



13th February 2022

Dear Ahsan,

It has been quite some time since I heard from you. I hope you find this letter in the best of your health. By the way, I am writing this letter to inform you of some great news. I have finally moved to my new house.

This house is much bigger and more beautiful than the previous one. It has five rooms, and I converted the spare into the library. But it is very far away from my university, so now I have to take the bus every day. There is also a gym and a playground nearby where I regularly play and work out. The neighbors are very polite and friendly. The environment of this place is relatively better than the previous one.

I know you would be very happy after learning of this great news. I am very excited about meeting you and I was thinking if you could come and visit my new place this weekend. We will hang out and play cricket too.

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I will be waiting for you.

You’re sincerely


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