Personal Diary Writing Samples

A personal diary is a private place where a person writes about his thoughts, feelings, and activities. It is for the personal record of your memories. Writers discuss the present events and share their opinions. In this article, we will explain personal diary writing samples using diary standard formats.

Writers have to follow the structure and format of a diary. The content is not limited to personal thoughts only. We can also write content in other languages except for English The type of content and language of the personal diary depends on the writer’s choice.

The following are some samples of personal diary writing.

personal diary writing samples

Sample 1

A diary about an unfortunate road accident

20th December 2021


6:00 PM


Dear Diary:

Today I witnessed a horrible road accident. I was coming from a market when I noticed a crowd of people around the car. There was chaos, and people were trying to help the injured people. Rescue vehicles and ambulances were also there. After inquiring further, I came to know that there was an accident that occurred between a car and a truck. There were only two friends, sitting in the front seat of the car. They got severe injuries and immediately after the accident, they were rescued and shifted to the hospital.

There was blood all around the car seats and on the road. It was my first such experience. I was scared and immediately ran home to tell my family members about the incident. I still have flashbacks of the scene. This event also taught me the importance of safe driving.

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Sample 2

Diary of a memorable day


10th February 2022


9:00 PM


Dear Diary

It was truly a memorable and emotional day for me. The day, I cannot forget because it was my last day of a student journey. I am now promoted to college and so excited about experiencing college life.

The school administration organized a farewell party for our class. The day started with the usual school preparation, but today was a much more special occasion. I reached the school at 8 a.m. The function had already started. We spent quality time with our honorable teachers. After the prize distribution ceremony, our school principal gave an inspirational speech and motivated all the students with his thought-provoking words.


Sample 3

Diary on watching a cricket match

11th May 2021


4:00 PM


Dear Diary

No doubt, today was the most entertaining day of my life. I watched the cricket match in the stadium for the first time. I am a hard-core cricket fan and have always wanted to witness a cricket match live. Finally, my friends and I decided to watch the World Cup game at Lord’s ground. At the start, we couldn’t get the tickets but somehow we arranged. We reached the stadium two hours before the play. We were equipped with flags and supporting banners for the Pakistan team. Unfortunately, Pakistan lost two important wickets at a crucial time and eventually lost the game. But it was an unforgettable and worthy trip for us.


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